Grade Level Academic Expectations

Grade Level Academic Expectations


  • Identify all uppercase letters
  • Identify all lowercase letters
  • Produce all letter sounds
  • Decode simple short vowel words
  • Read several high frequency words/sight words

Grade 1:

  • Read and write decodable words
  • Read and write several high frequency words/sight words
  • Write short sentences on own using sight words and phonetic spelling
  • Work independently for short periods of time
  • Grade 2
  • Read and write irregular words (because)
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Comprehend what they have read
  • Write multiple sentences on own
  • Work independently for 30+ minutes
  • Work with a peer or in a small group cooperatively
  • Grade 3
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Comprehend what they have read
  • Use prefixes, suffixes and root words to read and understand new words
  • Have more logical and organized thinking
  • Work in a cooperative group on a project
  • Write a one page essay/report with an introduction and conclusion
  • Have neat and legible handwriting  

Grade 4: 

  • Apply a variety of strategies to read unknown words in and out of context
  • Proficiently read a variety of grade level text: fiction, nonfiction, poems and plays
  • Read with purpose and understanding
  • Use key details to determine theme and main idea
  • Use details from the text to make inferences and comparisons
  • Grade 5:
  • Read grade level material and have good comprehension
  • Research a topic using a variety of sources to find information
  • Identify the conflict, climax and resolution
  • Write two or more pages using the writing process
  • Engage in meaningful group discussion